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38% OFF
Triforce Necklace
Triforce Necklace
£58 £36
29% OFF
Guitar Pick Necklace
Guitar Pick Necklace
34% OFF
Vertical Roman Numeral Necklace
33% OFF
Mens Zodiac Sign Necklace
Mens Zodiac Sign Necklace
25% OFF
Dog Tag Plate with Name and Date

Our men’s personalised necklace collection brings our a rugged elegance and masculine allure to the wearer's personality. The exquisite designs allow you to add your favourite name, word, or initial of your choice on a dainty yet stylish pendant to add essence of your personality. Each men’s necklace is crafted for men who love experimenting with their accessory. From engraved necklace for men to bold number necklace, each piece is crafted with attention to details making it a desirable accessory for men of age.

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