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Name Rings

Don't dare let you fingers go bare! Personalise today a name ring - the perfect accessory to add to your growing customised jewellery collection. At oNecklace, we have created a new spin on the name jewellery trend by allowing you to create a name ring like no other. Personalise any ring in our Name Ring Collection with your name, nickname or even an inspirational word.
Name Rings - Banner

Name rings go beyond mere jewellery pieces – they are bold statements of your personal style and identity. Whether aiming to create a fashion-forward look or seeking to exude timeless elegance, custom name rings effortlessly elevate your ensemble. Made with attention to detail, these rings with names offer a unique opportunity to showcase your name or a word that resonates with you. With a perfect blend of aesthetics and personalisation, our personalised name rings become integral to your journey, reflecting your individuality and making a lasting impression.

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