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Shop freely on the website with your reduced wholesaler prices. There is no minimum number of products you must order at one time, nor is there a limit on the amount of products you can buy. If you are looking to make a mass order, please contact us and we will supply you with a CSV Document which you may prefer to use to make the order. ​You will be able to look over all products in your cart before paying for them and make any changes you may need to. ​
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Sit back and enjoy the profit you will earn from selling our products at your discounted rates and letting us do the hard work for you.
What are the available shipping methods?
We offer regular worldwide shipping and Fedex / DHL shipping methods.
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  • USA: 6 ~ 9 business days: via First Class USPS
  • Canada: 10 ~ 14 business days: via First Class USPS
  • Australia: 11 ~ 16 business days: via First Class USPS
  • United Kingdom + Europe: 10 ~ 14 business days: via Worldwide Standard Air Mail
  • To All Other Countries it Generally takes about 11-21 business days via Worldwide Standard Air Mail.
What is the returns procedure?
All return policy and return procedures are the same for both clients and wholesale. Please check here for more information.
Mass orders
For mass orders please contact us and we will provide you with an CSV Document option.
  • I love these necklaces so much! I bought a gold one first...loved it so much, I bought four more! They look great! They were Christmas gifts for my teenage granddaughters who adore them. Quick delivery and great customer service!
    Jeannette |Jan 20, 2020
  • Mom loves it! Brought tears! However to further help others, only issue was the wait. Came a week or two after Mother’s Day but it was worth the wait in my opinion. Just wished I used all 7! I used 4 me my sister and grandparents names (who sadly passed away due to cancer and covid) but I could have added our pets names, her two shih tzus and my GSD. Defiantly 5/5.
    Brandon Cabrera |2020-05-28 06:22:18
  • Great necklace and terrific gift for Mother’s, the only thing I didn’t agree with was you guys offering mandatory Mother’s Day delivery & the necklace didn’t come until Monday. I typically understand that with the COVID-19 things going I figured it would be harder to meet certain demands but thanks a lot because Mom loved it!!!
    Marvin Smith |2020-05-18 18:01:38
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