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Name Necklaces

Proudly show off your name with a personalised name necklace. Get your name spelled out in charms, written in cursive script, or even in another language.

Choose between gold or silver, simple or sparkling, and add your own special birthstone for a timeless and one-of-a kind piece you will treasure for ever. Name necklaces are easy to wear and look great when layered up with another necklace. Our most popular styles come in a range of sizes.
Name Necklaces - Banner
33% OFF
Carrie Necklace
Carrie Necklace
£60 £40
43% OFF
Tokyo Name Necklace
Tokyo Name Necklace
30% OFF
Stethoscope Necklace

A jewellery piece that speaks for itself, a personalised name necklace allows the wearer to make a unique fashion statement full of self-expression. The name chain necklace collection features a dainty design with lots of room for personalisation. The user can customize the custom necklace with a name with personal detail like name, unique word, birthdates, initials, or birth month. The wearer has many options, from multiple-name necklaces to script-name necklaces.

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